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I believe the following words from the Lord on this date are a word of encouragement for the Body of Christ during this time of crisis with the virus upon us.It is a call for the Church to stand and be a force in the world to give people hope.
We, as the Body of Christ, need to be able to point to God Who is our hope and refuge.When the Lord uses the word “army” and “battle” and “warriors”, etc., He does not mean for us to take up arms but to be a voice for people to hear so in turn they will hear God’s voice.
In my last Blog entry, the Lord spoke about His Voice that shall not be inhibited for He is the Creator.We need to be His voice on earth.We can all hear His voice in His Holy Word and in our hearts.Let’s not let the world, through the media, etc., be that negative voice of “doom and gloom,” but rather the voice of peace, joy, encouragement knowing that God will see us through and that Christ's return is at the doorstep.
Be encouraged Church, for we are the hands and feet…


April 19, 2020
The devil is trying to steal our voice.This is the year of the voice.The virus has attached itself to the lungs, the air that gives us our voice but “he cannot stop My Spirit that will cut through the stench of this abominable virus for I the Lord am the Word and My Voice will spring forth to the nations.I will not be silenced for I, Who created the earth and all that is in it, shall not be silenced!The very breath that was breathed into man at the beginning will be the breath that I will breathe across to the nations.And it will be the breath of My Spirit, My Voice, My Word.Watch out world, for the breath of My Spirit is sweeping across the land and no demon in hell can and will stop it!Awake o ye citizens of heaven.Awake, for I have given you a weapon.The weapon of the sword of the Spirit which is My Word and it will not be stopped but shall echo out from eternity to eternity.Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!!!

"Stolen Identity: Plan of the Evil One" by Marcella Ward…