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James 4:4


Jesus spoke many times about being in the world but not being of the world.  In John 17:15-16, Jesus is talking to the Father and says, “I do not ask that You will take them out of the world, but that You will keep and protect them from the evil one.  They (the disciples) are not of the world (worldly, belonging to the world), (just) as I am not of the world.”  (Everyday Life Amplified Bible)

James 4:4 says, "You are like an unfaithful wife who loves her husband's enemies. Don't you realize that making friends with God's enemies ---the evil pleasures of this world---makes you an enemy of God?" (Catholic Living Bible)

How does this apply to us today?  Adam and Eve forfeited their authority when they disobeyed God.  The Kingdoms of the world were stolen by Satan after the fall.  The world system is a corrupt system that has been taken over by the dark side.  We need to push back against the darkness by being a light.  Light dispels darkness.  

If we love the world, then we are an enemy of God.  What does the world offer?  It offers death, destruction, greed, lies, perversion and so on.  This is not the world that God created.  He created a world where there was no death.  He created a world where there is no perversion.  

Everything that God created was good but man and the evil one have seemingly taken over.  We need to take our world back from the enemy and take back our identity which is Christ living in us.  Yes, Jesus came to this world but He did not become a part of it.  He spoke out against the religious and the powerful.  He was not afraid.  He became a humble servant to show us how to live and how to love.

How do we, as Christians, the true remnant, live in this world but not become a part of it?  We speak out when we need to speak out.  We let our light shine so that others can see the love of God in us.  We need to be a magnet for the world to see the true nature of God.  We need to be a walking and talking epistle to the world.  If we speak and act the same as the world, then have we not become a part of the world?  Jesus said that the Kingdom of God dwells in us.  We are to bring the Kingdom of God, which is Jesus living in us, to the world.  

We need not be afraid.  Jesus became one of us so that we could become more like Him.  He is the Kingdom of God in the flesh.  He is our example.  He is our mentor.  Do we sit back and just let others take over?  Do we sit back and let the news media dictate who we are?  Do we not push back when they pass laws that are not in accordance to the laws of God?  Do we not defend our God when He is blasphemed and ridiculed?  

Body of Christ, wake up!!  Being a Christian is not for wimps.  Take up your shield of faith and the armor of God and be ready to fight the good fight by standing by the Word of God and being Christ here on the earth.  We need to prepare for the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.  Is he going to come for a weak Church or a Church that is perfect, a beautiful Bride ready to meet her Groom?

Stand for your faith.  Do not become a cultural Christian who gives in to the world by watering down the Gospel and in some cases accepting that which God has said is an abomination.  No, don’t give in.  Don’t become a part of the world system.  If you are, then you are an enemy of God.  I want to be a friend of God.  I want to live to glorify Him and be His representative here on earth!  I don’t want to bend to the whims of the world.  The world is falling off a cliff into destruction.  I want to lift up God for He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Stand up Body of Christ and be counted, for the days ahead, though they may be dark, will be filled with the Glory of God!  Let us be a light to dispel the darkness!! 


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